Protein Cookies

If you want a healthy protein cookie or a bar, then don’t go shopping. Basically all protein cookies and bars are pure garbage because of poor quality ingredients factories use to produce those. They also have too much sugar to taste sweet, many artificial stuff to help bars and cookies stay fresh and worst of all – proteins they are made of are low quality. In some cases you can choose an energy bar like Snickers or Lion and get more for your money.

Ok, there are somr protein bars that are better than average, but they are also costly, and its so much that you could make ten bars purchasing your own ingredients. But even these expensive bars and cookies, despite having a rather quality proteins, also have high amount of sugar and are not even close to what you can make at home.

Im going to tell you here what are the exact ingredients you need to make your own protein cookies and bars at home. You can always do whatever you want with those and mix them in different ratio to get a product of your own choice and need. But you can get many protein cookie recipes right here on site and make those cookies first and then adjust a recipe to your preference and need.

Ingredients for home made protein cookies and bars

Protein powder

This is essential ingredient and is the only one that you must use. You can use your favorite powder if you wish or try different protein powders to try and get the best taste. Its better to use powders which don’t have their own taste as it will influence the taste of cookies and usually in a bad way.

Almond or Other Seed Butter

Almond seed is one of the most underrated but very healthy foods. Almond butter is full of good proteins and fats and also tastes very good. Butter will be used as a binder for other ingredients. You can of course use any other seed butter (peanut, hemp, cashew, macadamia, pumpkin seed or sunflower). Because not only I like it, but it also has great health/price ratio i mainly use almond butter for all my cookies.

Almond Milk

We are not through with almond yet. Thouhg you might want to use just water when mixing your cookies, this milk will add a flavor most people like. Its important to make sure its sugar free.


Now, this is optional but you should use something to give your protein cookie a bit if a taste. Though you can make pretty good cookies without any spices, you can make them a lot better adding a taste of your liking. These will not do anything bad to your cookies and they will stay healthy. I personally like cinnamon and ginger, but you can change it to anything you prefer.

Ground Flax Seeds

Now this is very special foodstuff which should be used to get some fiber to protein cookies. It also has a lot of magnesium and improves estrogen by weeding out the bad estrogen and adding good ones. It will also provide you with a nice texture for your bars.


This is optional ingredient since all other have a taste of their own and you will only need to add it in certain recipes. If you use anything then use stevia leaves of sweeteners based on that plant.

Healthy Protein Cookie Recipes

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